About This Site
The primary objective of this site is to educate Muslims, first and foremost, about some of the ideological causes which often lead individuals away from mainstream, classical interpretations of Islamic texts. Some of these foreign ideologies contrary to the religion of Islam we have chosen to confront are committing Takfīr indiscriminately, considering the consultation of mainstream, moderate scholars of Islam unnecessary, and a belief that a perpetual military aggression against every single individual of other beliefs is necessary.

These erroneous beliefs many individuals possess based on other than traditional Islamic interpretations often lead to the next level of extremism: a misplaced religious enthusiasm. Such individuals then become the very proponents of politically-intolerant engagements such as disobedience to authorities, government insurgencies, hostile political protests and boycotts, and violent aggression against anyone of rivaling faiths.

A Muslim individual then, armed with nothing more than a comfort with Takfīr, a hatred for civil obedience, and a radically religious passion, reaches the next level of extremism simply by a commitment to act. It is at this level, we witness the horrifying achievements of such individuals: suicide bombings, hijackings, and the kidnapping and beheading of innocent people.

To summarize these levels, consider an unfortunate, prevalent example: Once a Muslim individual is at ease with Takfīr – the declaring of other Muslims as disbelieving rivals – he may then comfortably oppose governments, authorities, and individuals (of whom he has made Takfīr). He then, considering them evil infidels worthy of God’s anger, convinces himself that removing such evils is justified. Finally, he murders them, believing himself worthy of God’s praise and paradise for his deed.

It is the combination of these levels which joins one in belief, statement, or action with the notorious Khawārij (Kharijites) - Islam's first sect, history's worst traitors, and today’s Muslim terrorists. And it is these levels, these beliefs and crimes, this site hopes to refute, thereby educating Muslims of their dangers who may otherwise remain unaware of their danger at best, or fall into them at worst.

All articles on this site are translated from Arabic to English. This material is written or dictated by contemporary Muslim authors and scholars who have been refuting extremism and terrorism for years, many years even before the notorious 9/11 attacks in America and the July 7 bombings in England.

A Note about the Translator
Unless otherwise explicitly stated, all articles are translated by Abu az-Zubayr Harrison from Texas, U.S.A. Regarding his Arabic educational background, he studied Arabic at the Arabic Language Institute of Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from 2000 - 2004, earning a "Diploma of Preparatory Linguistics in Arabic" and later a "Diploma of the Arabic Language & Islamic Sciences".
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